Alcohol and Drug Detox

It is easy to believe that one drink or taking "just one pill" will not lead to an addiction. No one believes that addiction can happen to them - it is something that happens to other people. But the reality is, no one is immune to addiction and drug and alcohol addiction affects people from every walk of life. Physicians, lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters struggle with the ravaging effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Using drugs and alcohol can destroy every part of your life, slowly eroding your relationships and hurting your career and financial stability. Our Alcohol Treatment Program and Drug Addiction Treatment Center can help you get back your life and enjoy it to the fullest once again. Denial is a typical emotion associated with drug and alcohol addiction, and is often the only thing holding a person back from getting help for their problem. Don't let that be the case! Think of how much better your life can be without the yoke of drugs and alcohol hanging around your neck. Admitting that you need help for your addiction is the first critical step in the long journey to recovery. Sobriety and health are at the end of that road and we offer full service alcohol and drug detox programs in the Tallahassee area. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at (850) 270-8753. Because addiction does not know how to tell time, or look at a calendar, we are available any time when you decide to make a fresh start. We offer everything you need to start your new life without drugs and alcohol and all of the specialized services needed are offered in our treatment center in a safe, secure and comfortable environment.

Like other cities and towns in the state, Tallahassee has a considerable problem with prescription pill mills. Many people in Tallahassee struggle with addiction to prescription drugs. It is hoped that the establishment of a prescription drug database would aloow cooperation between physicians, pharmacists and law enforcement and reduce "doctor shopping" and the epidemic of prescription drug addiction.

  • Dual diagnosis
  • Full medical detoxification program
  • Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Support and educational groups
  • Transitional living treatment program

It is important to remember that alcohol detox is an important component in breaking the cycle of addiction. Alcohol is not absorbed in the brain in the same way that drugs are, therefore, the detox process is different. Safely and effectively breaking the cycle means having skilled physicians, nurses and other medical professionals available to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.  We will help you cope with the physical and emotional effects of detox.


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